Press Kit

Dominatrix Simulator

Good things come to those who obey.

Early Release Date - Oct 2018


OS Windows

VR Platform: Valve Index, Occulus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Keyboard and Mouse

Description: Be immersed in the world of the Goddess. There's no way out and molding you into the perfect submissive plaything is her greatest desire. Will you succumb to the trials of her Mistresses or resist letting go? Choose your own path. You will be judged.

Based on the on-and-offline lewd explorations of its creators, Dominatrix Simulator: Threshold offers players a unique gameplay experience that puts you at the mercy of your computer and introduces you to the DomSim universe.

Features in this game:

  • 'Perform' in real life to their commands - Pose recognition in VR, with feedback as players follow instructions
  • Choose your own experience - Interactive dialogue choices based on yes / no answers
  • Play with gender fluid options - Voice over dialogue and subtitles that reference the gender, pronoun and genitals selected