Deviant Tech is what we refer to ourselves as a team/maybe-one-day-company. Deviant Dev has 20 years of game industry experience and I, Devilish Domina, am the day-time mild-mannered office manager who currently provides most of the voice-acting in the game and night-time vixen who captures the hearts and minds of hapless fools like Deviant Dev.

We like to dream of potentially quitting our day jobs one day and creating multiple titles for our multitudes of fans, but we know those are wishfully far off goals. Still, every little bit helps and we’re very appreciative for all of our fans and supporters – both patron and non-patron alike.

We hope you enjoy Dominatrix Simulator and look forward to the future as much as we do.


Devilish Domina

Producer, World and Character Designer, Writer, Voice Actor, Audio


Deviant Dev

Lead Programmer, Lead Designer



Just Jeff

Concept Art, Modeling, Environments, Art Assets

Fflewdurr Flam

Composer, Musician