Introducing our new, experimental Devilish Domina Therapeutic Domming experience!

I've been thinking about creating something like this for a long time. With so much going on in the world piled on top of the normal every day struggles we all deal with, sometimes, we just need to be told everything's going to be okay.

All you have to do is download the build, load it up, and let my virtual Devil Girl avatar know if you need regular comfort or if you're grieving. Sit down or lay down on the virtual bed with me and let me give you a safe place to rest for a little while.

I've coded up this scene to be an infinite meditative loop. Once you sit or lay down, I don't stop talking until you stand up or quit the scene. I won't ask you any questions or give you any commands. I will just be there comforting you until you don't need me anymore.

Since this is experimental and we're not sure what you all will think of something like this, please, please, please share your comments, suggestions, feedback, etc, below or leave feedback on our Discord.