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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to connect a bluetooth toy to the game. How do I do that?

How much does Dominatrix Simulator: Threshold cost?

Buy Now for $12.99 on  Steam (release date Feb 2020) and

It is also available as early and full access on Patreon for those who want to invest in future game development activity. Patrons get access to content before the builds are released through other channels as our way of saying “thank you!” for supporting us.

I don’t like/don’t use Patreon. Can I pay for the game another way? 

Yes. You can now purchase the game through Steam, or VR Porn.  

I found a bug! Where should I report it?

If you found a bug, we would love to hear about it! Please search our GitHub bug database for the issue and if it's not there, create a new one! You can also suggest features there. Note that you'll need to create a free GitHub account if you don't already have one.

Is this game finished? Will there be more? 

The Dominatrix Simulator universe will be revealed in a series of episodic experiences, each released under its own title. 

Our first title, Dominatrix Simulator: Threshold, is a complete, full release experience that introduces you to the world of Dominatrix Simulator and four commanding Mistresses.

As with all games, it will be updated as we continue to polish and improve our UI/UX, animations, and features.

When can I expect new DomSim experiences to be released? 

We do not have a regular schedule for new content, but we do our best to communicate with Patrons and fans on our progress and upcoming releases. Future chapters are in various states of development that are being shared on Patreon as they develop.

We are adults with full-time jobs and families. This project is something we all work on in our free time. Patreon funding and sales does not cover living expenses or bills. They currently only pays for assets for Dominatrix Simulator, though we hope to make enough to fund our lead developer full-time.

Can I play with a keyboard and mouse? 

Yes, although Dominatrix Simulator is being made as a VR experience, keyboard and mouse support are in the game. You can use SHIFT to lower yourself and SPACE to raise up. The game will respond to these actions, but you may still need to use the journal (‘E’ key) to complete poses.

There is no support for gamepads or VR headsets with a keyboard and mouse.

Can I play in VR without hand tracked controllers?

No, not at this time. Headsets without tracked hand controllers aren’t supported by the game.  

What is the best way to send you suggestions/feedback/bug reports for the game?

Please use Github to report issues and bugs or request features. You'll need to create or use an existing GitHub account to use this feature. It will automatically subscribe you to get updates about the status of the bug after you do this.

Discord is also a great place to ask urgent questions or get immediate technical support. We’re extremely active there!

The Steam forums are a good alternative, though Discord is by far the fastest way to reach us!

I want to play in VR, but don't have a VR device. Which one should I buy?

Probably the most cost-effective way would be to buy an Oculus Quest with the 5m Oculus Link cable. It's got great resolution, inside-out tracking, and quality store titles, so it's fun to use wherever without any cables. When you want to play PC VR games like Dominatrix Simulator, you'll need to use the Oculus Link cable to hook it up to your PC and use it as a PC VR headset.

If you want top-of-the-line PC VR equipment, then you'd probably want to go with the Valve Index. It has 'knuckle' controllers that wrap around your hand so you can let go of them and they stay on. This set up uses outside-in tracking, so you also need a dedicated area near your computer where you can set up the 'lighthouse' squares connected to your computer via long USB cables. It requires lots more wires than the Quest, but you'll have better controllers and better hand tracking.

I launched the game, but it’s not showing up on my VR Headset? 

A common problem is trying to launch the game without Steam VR running. Steam VR must be running in order for the game to load on your VR headset.